Update from TBA & DCI

WOW – What a week!! I got home from TBA only to jump right into a fun FILLED week of band leadership camps. The days have been long and intense but hopefully, everyone got something good from it. Brian & I have been running our leadership camps for a few years now and although it takes a lot of work, we like doing it because it puts us closer to our leaders and we can mold the sessions to the things our kids need.

Speaking of TBA, I need to update on that, huh? It was a whole lot of fun. Got to see some really good sessions on jazz, judging and such as well as see some good drum corps and old friends. I probably should have taken more pictures during the weekend but for some reason, I’ve gotten out of the habit of taking pictures of everything I see that seems fun or interesting or worth having a picture of. Now that I have an uber-small camera (yes, I’ve splurged a bit), it will be easier to have the camera around to take pictures with.

On Friday night, we went to Magic Time Machine to celebrate Brian & Kelly’s anniversary. Most of the folks who work there are good at their characters and we had a lot of fun. Joshua (their 5 1/2 year old) got to see Peter Pan (his favorite in the world) and Kim (their 13 year old) hung out with Kim Possible. Good food, happy family, good evening. From there, I met up with the S-Dub crowd at Medusas (a place we “discovered” at TMEA) and had some drinks and more fun times. See how much fun martin & I had? We were watching Daniel & Roland hit on girls. That always makes for a good floor show… 😉

On Saturday, there were some good clinics that happened at the same time as the DCI Southwe Regionals but I did make a point to run over to see Revolution kick off the day o’ drum corps. I heard their show at the Texas Drum Corps Preview early in the season and their show has come a long way since then! I’m so proud of what they’ve accomplished this year!!! It was good to see Kelli & Traci (sisters from Stony Point that are marching with Rev), too. Speaking of Revolution, they’re having some problems on the road right now. One of their busses has some mechanical problems and they’re stuck in Quanah, TX and not sure if they can continue their tour at all. If you can help, please go their website – www.revolutionpya.org/drumcorps – to see the type of help they need. Mostly, it’s financial but I got a call yesterday saying they could even use donations of non-perishable food items. They have the chance to win Division III World Championships again, it would be a shame if they didn’t get a chance to go at all.

Okay, on to the rest of the drum corps review. Martin did a good job with reviewing them and I only saw the top 4 or 5 corps so there really isn’t much to say.

  • Cavies rocked. I don’t know what else to say but that. LOVED their show and can’t wait to get the DVD.
  • Cadets…what should I have watched? It was a full fledged, three ring circus with a rabbit and all. The music was great, the concept was enjoyable – I just didn’t know what in the hell to look at at any given time.
  • Phantom was pretty much the same as always. High quality overall but just not my taste. No need to see it again.
  • Blue Devils were fun to watch. I really enjoyed a majority of their show visually but musically, there were more spots I forgot than I remembered.
  • Bluecoats – wow, where did you guys come from? I don’t know how to feel about how well they’re doing, being that I’m a huge supporter of more drum corps in Texas and they’re just a Texas Drum Corps wanna-be. I remember listening to S-Dub drummers make fun of them in college for being in 5th place for like a week and then dropping down to like 9th. I think one of the guys in the S-Dub drumline had made the Coats line but couldn’t go (or so he said) and there was just the group mentality of picking on them through him. Sad, huh?
  • And that’s about it for the drum corps review. Short, sweet and to the point. Last year, I spent the entire day watching every show. This year, I spent the last hour or so in the pressbox watching a few shows. I guess that’s one way to balance it all out.

    The rest of TBA was fairly good. On Sunday, I got a bit overwhelmed and didn’t get nearly as much accomplished as I had wanted to but I made up for that on Monday. I do have one regret and that’s not getting my picture taken with Sammy Nestico or Jay Bocook. I figure I can get one with Jay sometime in the future, seeing as travels quite a bit between drum corps and publishing LOTS of music but I’m not sure I’ll ever have a chance of talking with Sammy Nestico again. I just got my wires crossed about which booth he was supposed to be in and I was continuously checking at the WRONG BOOTH! How cruel is that? Maybe I’ll make an IAJE Convention one day. All the big named Jazz Cats are at that convention….

    The TBA bar-b-q was pretty lame. Thank goodness we brought dominoes and played chicken foot all evening.

    That’s about it. I’ve got more pictures to post in this update but right now, I’ve gotta run. We’re going to see the Zilker Summer Musical – Seven Brides for Seven Brothers – tonight so I’ve got to hit the grocery store for munchies and head out to meet the gang.

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