WOMEN of Genius

Bud light Presents Real Women of Genius……..(singing) REAL WOMEN OF GENIUS”…

“Today we salute you, Mrs. Deliriously consumed Myspace survey taker. You thought you could just take one survey, yet little did you know it would consume your entire life. Taking, over and over, asinine surveys divulging to the entire world every ounce of detail involved in your existence. (Singing) TOO MUCH INFORMATION”!!

Whoever said skeletons are supposed to remain in the closet never met you, ole Queen of no secrets. Thanks to you we know the name of your prom date, how many times you had sex in public; youre most embarrassing moment and what really happened to your cat “Fluffy”!! (Singing) GONNA MISS YOU FLUFFY!!

So go ahead and crack open an ice cold Bud Light, Mrs. I have nothing to hide. Because thanks to you…the world can now rest easy knowing you weren’t always a “GOOD” girl!!!!

5 thoughts on “WOMEN of Genius”

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA YEAH! that was awesome, bout time you joined me in my quest to belittle women!! hehe j/k.. that was effin funny…

  2. Difference is, you’re willing to be-little ANY woman. I, only the people who’ve earned it. (Notice I said “people”.)

  3. Ouch! Heheh. Damn Cath, that would make a great Bud commercial…Why? Because every damn person would be talking about it the next day around the water cooler! LOL ;oP

    …You can’t escape the “Myspace!” Muuuhahahhaa!!

  4. That’s hilarious! Hope you’re having a good end of your summer. The flowers you brought Sami provided many days of beauty. Gerber daisies rock! Thanks.

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