Busy, busy Sunday

I’m glad I got a fairly good night’s sleep last night because today’s slated to be a busy day! Here are the things I need to do today:

  • 3 loads of laundry
  • clean the kitchen counters
  • clean the kitchen floor
  • deep clean both bathrooms (those are the rooms that always get neglected)
  • organize the mail I’ve gotten in the last few days
  • It doesn’t seem like a lot but I know I probably won’t get it all done. 😦 I also need to make a trip down to my folk’s house and I think we’re having our regular Sunday dinner. I have a feeling I won’t be making the dinner tonight. 😦 Okay, better get to it!

    ———- UPDATE ———-
    Okay, I’ve gotten one load of laundry done and started on one bathroom when what happens outside? IT STARTS RAINING!!! YAY for rain!! Except that now, I just want to turn on a movie, curl up on the couch and vegg all day. *ARGH* Make it work!

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