Cathy needs…

I did this as an “add on” Bulletin on MySpace (yeah, yeah, hush!) but more than the first “need” was fun so here they are:

  • Cathy needs a wheelchair.
    I joke about being old but c’mon!
  • Cathy needs a Ride,
    I did on Friday. My car was at the shop and thank goodness it only cost $120 to get it back!
  • Cathy needs to first buy the t-shirt, and then let the print house print the picture on it.
    If you say so.
  • Cathy needs TLC.
    You said it!
  • Cathy needs to punch up her strip with poop and pedophile jokes.
    Wow…I have no idea what to say about this.
  • Cathy needs no introduction.
    And I’ll leave you with that!
  • What do you need? Type “your name needs” in the search box of Google and see what comes back!

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