What the???

Here’s the story of the night:

Stony Point vs. McNeil HS football game. The game is going fairly well, both teams are playing hard and the score is fairly even. Halftime comes and the McNeil band does their halftime show and goes a bit over their time (but what band doesn’t the first time they put their whole show plus drill team dance on the field?) but not by much. Our band goes on the field to do the show, they get through the drill team song, the opener and the ballad and I notice we’re running low on time (but there is still almost 2 minutes on the clock) and the team is already waiting to run through their tunnel thing. We get about 1/4 of the way through the closer and there’s 1:09 on the clock and the football team decides to run onto the field!!! The band is STILL MARCHING THEIR SHOW!!!! I’m in the pressbox, appauled and parents and families are looking back seeing what we’re going to do. The drum majors stop the band and once all the team has passed by on the edge of the field (between the pit and the band), they signal the band to come off the field. Although very confused, they do.

All this time, where are the coaches you ask? Right next to the team. They make NO attempt to stop their kids and seem to have no regard for the safety of kids with no pads and helmets potentially getting hit by a football player running at full speed. Although many parents encouraged us to pack up an go home at that moment, we stay the rest of the game and perform the closer at the end of the game. At no point (even after we all returned to the school) did any coach offer an explaination nor apology. There were at least 4 administrators at the game – not one came over to see if our kids, no, THEIR KIDS were okay. Can you believe that???

3 thoughts on “What the???”

  1. That is so fucked up. I saw Westlake’s show last night. I have to say, it was pretty strong. Oh yeah, and Westlake LOST the game.

  2. wow their disregard for the band is uncalled for, it would be ideal if they saw the who school, band, sports, fans as 1 team and respected each other, its unfortunate that happened to your band and that the fans had to miss out on what i am sure was a fantastic routine….im glad no one was injured!


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