The follow-ups

I have a few posts to follow up on.

First, chicken soup!! I’m actually eating some for lunch today and in the words of Rachel Ray, “Yum-o!” I’m not sure that it pictures well but I went ahead and took a phone-camera pic of it:

I’ve got plenty in the freezer for a while and I’m quite excited about that.

I guess the next post is the marriage one. I guess I’m getting a little bit of that feeling of “single and lonely” although truely, I’m not lonely. Everyone always says that when the timing is right, the right person will come along. I’m still trying to keep my belief in that but the older I get and the more set in my ways I get, the less likely that seems to be. I carry on….

This leaves me with the most spoken about topic at school – the halftime debacle, fiasco, endangerment of students – it’s been called that and more, let me assure you. The head coach and the head director have been working out what happened and I think they’re planning on having football players come to the beginning of band rehearsal today to appologize. It has certainly been an interesting few days since Friday night but I’m not going to go into anymore of the drama and details, seeing that it all seems to be clearing up.

That’s it for now. Have a great week everyone!!

4 thoughts on “The follow-ups”

  1. Green soup, yum-oh? Hope so. Glad to hear that there will be an accounting for that blatent disrespect to the Band.

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