Thoughts provoked

My friend Estelle, a band director in the DFW area, wrote this in her blog the other day:

A few of the kiddos at the HS are really stressed these days. I think at times we put too much pressure on them. Too many adults forget that they are in fact kids. We ask them to be mature, act like an adult, always behave, learn this, study that…. but when do we let them be kids? We pressure them with adult tendencies, but deny them adulthood. Where is the balance?

This really spoke to me. In order to teach kids to be good adults, we have to almost jar them into adulthood. Or do we? Sure is something to think about.

One thought on “Thoughts provoked”

  1. i honestly don’t know how you do C. im always amazed at the amount of your life that goes into these kids, they are lucky to have a devoted teacher!


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