Contest, contest, contest, contest….

Hey guys!

I’ve been quite quiet lately…it’s a busy time of year. It’s competition time for band so every moment has been focused on how to make the organization better and cleaner for competition. In fact, we had our first festival competition yesterday at Blinn College in Brenham and we not only won Top Percussion and Top Soloist (clarinet) in 5A, we won 3rd place!!!

Next week, we have a festival sponsored by USSBA at Shelton Stadium (Hays HS) in Kyle. What’s really cool (for me) about our going to this contest is my kids get to march on the field I spent my entire high school career marching on.

After that, we have UIL 26 Region Marching contest at the RRISD Athletic Complex. This is the big ‘un of the season. Let’s hope the feel of last year’s success will be remembered so we can continue in the success and let in a great tradition. If that does happen, then it’s off to…

…the UIL Area Marching contest aslo at the RRISD Athletic Complex. Our band has only been to this contest once before. Neither Brian nor I were on staff that year but according to Matt (who was on staff) and the kids who went, it was Christmas in October because it rained and rained and rained at the Region Marching contest. There were very few bands that didn’t advance that year so was it truely earned then? Probably not…I’ve seen the tape on show. :mrgreen:

So, those are all my Saturdays in October. I think we’ll probably be meeting as a staff most Sundays to review our work so far from the tapes and plan our next week. I’m going to try to squeeze in the Grey’s Anatomy nights and maybe even a Halloween party in there, too.

Speaking of Grey’s Anatomy, I’m loving this season! The fantasy scene at the start of this past week’s episode was just…well…SEXY!!! 😛

4 thoughts on “Contest, contest, contest, contest….”

  1. Yes, Judson was this weekend. We loved the format of Judson but we had already committed to Blinn. I think next year, if they both happen on the same weekend, we’ll opt to go back to Judson.

    How’d you guys do last night?

  2. Congratulations and good luck in everything this season. It’s such a busy time for bands. The funny thing is that I thought I would have so much more time on my hands without Band, but I’m busier than ever!!!

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