Blog this, blog that.

I’ve been trudging through life, lots of stuff going on, thinking (or saying) many times, “I should blog about this!”. Do I, obviously not. Sometimes the stuff is meaningful and though through but other stuff is just silly nonsense. Regardless, I just don’t blog about it so I’m gonna. Here goes:

I voted today. Since I’m registered at my parent’s house still, in order to vote without driving to South Austin (or not getting to vote at all) on voting day, I try to early vote every year. So, who did I vote for? You know, I’m not going to say. I will say (and I’m sorry if I offend anyone by saying this) that anyone that votes straight party these days is an antiquated, narrow-minded, non-thinker. First, those folks think that a party has every belief equal to your own is ridiculous. It just doesn’t seem possible for an individual person to allow a large group to think for them…maybe that’s the problem with government! Anywho, to continue with my list (I said “first” earlier), second, to think that everyone within a party will go along with that party’s belief is pretty silly as well. Where is individualism with either of those thoughts?

Like I said earlier, I won’t say who or what I voted for but I do want to say that I find it sad that you can’t vote for who or what you really want. For example, in the last Presidential election, there was the Republican incumbant, a Democratic candidate and two (or three…I can’t really remember how many) other candidates to choose from. I really felt that one of the “other” candidates would do the job the best but knowing that I wanted the incumbant to not get re-elected even more, I almost had to vote Democrat to help that cause. In other words, I ended up voting for the least of two evils instead of voting for the best person for the job. Eh, enough about politics! It all sucks.

I got a bunch of roses yesterday. They’re beautiful!! One of the band dads (that is the band dad that does probably the most) got a bunch for each director to say “thanks” for everything we’ve done so far. He said that we don’t get thanks enough and he just wanted us to take home something as beautiful as we give their kids. That was so very nice of him!!

I’m going to be Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy for Halloween. I’ve got the scrubs being altered to be more form fitting (the scrubs they have for the show contain lycra so they fit really well), a stethoscope on the way, a badge being made and a party on Saturday night. I haven’t been to a good costume party in…well…ever so I’m really excited. Mon, Sam, Stacy & Mark are hosting the party so it should be the most fun!

I’m loving “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip”. I can’t put my finger on why but I really do. Sting was on this week…

I’m NOT loving “Friday Night Lights”. The story line is so forced and fake. Not like real high school, not like real Texas football, not real likable.

I bought a new computer. The “o” on my Dell (Latitude X200) stopped working consistently and I’ve gotten some new peripherals that don’t work with the older hardware. Now, I have a Latitude D420. Yes, I still have and use my iBook regularly but because of the prolific use of PCs everywhere I go, I really felt the need to have a working and up to date PC. It’s so tiny and fun!

I’ve come to realize that the first free Saturday I have coming up is the Saturday during Thanksgiving break. The last one I had was the first Saturday in September. I’m surprised I haven’t come down with anything!

And last but NOT least:
The Lion King is coming to Austin!!! I’m going twice and sitting in the Orchestra level both times. Woo woo!!

3 thoughts on “Blog this, blog that.”

  1. I totally agree about “Studio 60.” I never watched any of Sorkin’s other shows — well, I tried “Sports Night” for about 5 minutes and hated it, and never got into “West Wing” for whatever reason — but holy cow, this guy can write. And who knew that Matthew Perry was an actual actor? He’s the biggest surprise, and his chemistry with Bradley Whitford is great. They actually seem like long-time friends.
    There have been a few moments on “Friday Night Lights” that seemed a little much — like the “intensity” of rivalry week — but I’m enjoying it. I don’t know that it’s realistic, but the one thing that show never is is cheesy, and I have to respect it for never going in that direction.

  2. You’ve mentioned going to Indy in November. Are you going to Grand Nats? It’s funny that I’m not even jealous of anyone going. Band is becoming a pleasant memory.

  3. I’m going for Grand Nats but primarily for a Orientation meeting fot the National Concert Band Festival we’ve been invited to.

    After today, I wish I had even a week to let band be a pleasant memory…it was rough. Tomorrow will be better.

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