Desire & Success

George Hopkins, Director of YEA! and The Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps posted this on his journal today and it’s pretty smart:


The first thing that will contribute to reaching your goal is that you simply want to reach it badly enough.
You must learn how to desire with sufficient intensity to be successful.

If you have the desire you have the power to attain success.
You can really have anything you want in life if you go after it.
But you have to want it.

As a drowning soul desires air, as a shipwrecked person craves fresh water,
so must you feel that intense, eager, insistent, demanding, ravenous desire for your success.

Your desire for success must be so strong within you that it becomes the very breath of your life.
It must be your first thought when you wake up, and your last thought when you go to bed at night.

You can have anything you want if you go after it with intensity.

~The Daily Guru

2 thoughts on “Desire & Success”

  1. We were talking about desire last night at the house. I put it in my own goofy terms: Ya Gotta Wanna. If you don’t wanna, then it’ll be tough or impossible to accomplish!! Great post! Something I should keep a copy of as a reminder.

  2. Good Lord, I think he was talking about me! That’s the way I feel nearly every day about making art. Finally, something to feel successful about.

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