Too much

I’m quite over stimulated right now. I’ve been so busy and all I want is to be rescued from my life. I’m ready to shut myself in my house, not do anything and just be pampered. Unfortunately, I can do all but the last part. Oh yeah, I could pamper myself but that would take me doing something to make sure I was pampered and even that much is too much today. Now, there’s no need for anyone to freak out and jump in their cars or hop on a flight. I’ll be fine after this weekend. But, if you try to get ahold of me and can’t for a day or two, you’ll know why. I’ve just had too much and need to have nothing much. Thanks for understanding.

6 thoughts on “Too much”

  1. After an intense month, I was really feeling quite the same way as you. I’m glad I gave myself the night off last night and gave myself a little talking to. By just allowing things to be what they would be, I had more joy and good luck today than I ever expected. Sometimes you have to stop pushing and just wait for the answers. Much love!

  2. If you need to talk, give me a call. We can exchange anger/sadness/frustration stories. I still need to tell you some stuff….

  3. Oh, I turned off the phone and computer and did nothing but sit around in my pajamas and watch TV all afternoon. It was wonderful! I feel much better already.

  4. [Now, there’s no need for anyone to freak out and jump in their cars or hop on a flight] Wow! Do you really have people who would fly to your aid?? Must be nice, I guess.

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