The Day for Marching Band Overload

I’m going to UIL State Marching Contest today. It’s the day I get all the last bits of marching band out of my system for the year. (Except I’ll be going to BOA Grand Nationals this year so I better be careful today. :lol:) I’m really excited to see all the talented bands and my friends there. I’m sad when I think that this is the first time I’ll be in the Alamodome for a band contest and Connie, Frank & Sami Miller won’t be there. Neither will either Montoya! I’m going to stop thinking about who else won’t be there. Kinda wierd….

2 thoughts on “The Day for Marching Band Overload”

  1. My spirit is there as well. I agree that it’s weird not to be there and I nearly did go. But, art lecture and then class are calling. Gotta get on with my life.

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