Can’t sleep…


I know exactly why, too. Things have kinda slowed down in my life and I now have time to stop and think about all the stuff I’ve neglected the last few weeks or all the new things I have coming up between now & Thanksgiving. I spent a better part of tonight making sure I’d have everything I need for my trip to Indianapolis this weekend. It’s a short trip but with the weather up there possibly being nothing like what we get here, I have to have one or two options with me. I’m glad most of the trip will be spent indoors, however, I talked to Daniel Montoya today and he said that it’s unusually mild for this time of year up there. Maybe they know the Texans are coming….

Tomorrow, I have the first clinic (ever) for the Region 26 Jazz Ensemble. I’m the coordinator for all things jazz in our region so needless to say, I’m a smidge worried…or at least I’ve got everything going through my head over and over. (I have to get the programs to the printers for Tuesday’s concert.) I’m sure everything is going to go off without a hitch. We’ve hired a great clinician (Keith Winking) and the other high school band directors I get to work on this with are so supportive and fantastic. They certainly have made my first time being a TMEA Region officer very smooth going. Can’t ask for much more than that, right?

My house is officially gross. That’s all I’m really going to say about that except that I have to squeeze in bits of time between now and Thanksgiving to get it ungross. We’re doing our family (plus a few) Thanksgiving dinner here. November is just uber crazy busy!

Okay, that’s all the purging of the brain I have for right now. Hopefully, that will help calm my mind and help me get to sleep. My eyelids are getting heavy so that’s always a good sign. G’night folks!