I had my orthopedic appointment on Wednesday and we took some new x-rays and determined (still) that it’s not bone injuries. He did find that I have pain in my hampstring and where it attaches to the bone below my knee and he said that was strange because most of my pain occurs in my patella. He prescribed physical therapy to strengthen some specific muscles around the areas that are causing pain and I’ll go back in a month to see if he needs to do an MRI or not. Doesn’t look like a quick fix but it may not require surgery, which will be fantastic! Unfortunately, my insurance deductable is $500 (which isn’t horrible) but with my single income and house payments, I’ll have to really watch the budget as I pay for my physical therapy. I guess I might have to wait a few versions on that iPhone, too. If you’d like to donate to the Cathy Benford Medical fund…..

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  1. Physical therapy is getting so much better that you should see some great results! Granted it’ll be a pain in the ass to do, but I’m glad they aren’t cutting ya open!!!

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