Sync no workie. :(

This summer, I bought a Motorola Razr to replace the Motorola V551 I had for oh, 9 months to a year. I’d gotten used to the applications and features the Motorola phones, especially the Sync feature these Moto phones have. I love my Yahoo! Calendar because I can fully access and update it anywhere I’m with a computer on the internet. I’ve been a loyal user of Yahoo! Mail & features for many years and when I discovered I could sync my phone with my calendar without having to deal with cables or having a Blackberry style phone (which don’t sync with Yahoo! Calendar), I was quite joyous. I didn’t have to use Outlook, of which I’m not a fan, and I could be anywhere, make an appointment, put it in the phone, hit two buttons and it was synced to my Yahoo! Calendar.

Recently, Yahoo! announced the new version of Yahoo! Go and Yahoo! Mobile in which you have to download software onto your phone to make Yahoo! features work. Since that announcement, I was able to upload appointments from my phone to my calendar but not vice versa. As of yesterday, the sync feature won’t even connect to Yahoo! at all. 😦 And I can’t use the new software offered by Yahoo! because my phone isn’t the right version of the Razr. And of course, in their infinite technology company wisdom, there’s no answer as to what to do if you’re not able to sync anymore because of this situation. I’m sure they’re in co-hoots with phone companies to get people to buy newer phones but since I’m waiting and saving for the new iPhone, it’s not something I can really consider. As much as I enjoy using Yahoo! products and I probably won’t stop anytime soon, not being able to really get an answer that can help me from their Help wesite really pisses me off. 😡

On another note, I hear that Cingular is changing their name back to AT&T. They were apparently hinting at it with the Apple keynote at MacWorld Conference. Meh, whatever. As long as they don’t have service as crappy as I got with Sprint, keep rollover minutes and still offer the iPhone when it becomes available, I don’t care what they call themselves.