It’s cold out! I tried to go to the store to get some milk and a few other things and I couldn’t get my door open. On the passengers side, the door won’t open but on the drivers side, the handle won’t even lift. The ice is over an inch thick in my yard but my silly cat Pfema doesn’t realize how cold it is out because he keeps trying to go outside. He stood around in the grass in the backyard for a minute or two and when I brought him back in, he took several minutes to warm up his paws and nose.

So, I’m trapped in my house through tonight. I have a feeling at least the first half of school will be cancelled tomorrow. I might just go ahead and call all the kids and cancel Jazz Ensemble rehearsal tomorrow morning. I don’t want to take any chances of kids trying to get there that early (by 7am) and getting hurt. Or me for that matter! I do hope they have some school tomorrow though because I hate loosing those bad weather days at the end of the year. They are so necessary at the end of the year….

Well, I hope everyone is safe and somewhere they can keep warm.

They say tomorrow’s not going to get any warmer. They just mentioned that it’s supposed to be bad down through the Rio Grande Valley! Many school districts have announced closures and delays for tomorrow but not Round Rock. I haven’t called my Jazz Ensemble kids yet but unless I hear otherwise from Brian, I’m going to make the call. We just meet too early to think that any of this ice will have melted by then. The temperature has gone up a few degrees so I think I’m going to run to the store and get some soup, as well as some milk and other things I could really use. Thanks for the suggestion for soup, Piojo.

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  1. brrrrr. id stay lazy all tv. snuggle into the couch and eat hot soup! helllzzz yeah! ive been watchin movies all day and re-reading the lance armstrong books..

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