The past week

This week was REALLY a long, hard week. It’s been very productive so that was good but by the Friday evening, I was absolutely exhausted. It turned out to be quite a rough evening and the emotions of having such a hard week caught up with me. Once I got past that, however, I slept like a baby; which was good because we had a Austin Stars Board of Directors Meeting here this morning.

The corps is coming along well and being that this is a brand new organization, going slowly is just the right thing. I think as long as we keep an eye on our pacing and not get overly excited but stay energized, we’ll be okay in the long run. The long haul is what this is all about and we want to last. Since we’re not a junior corps, we don’t have to worry about competing with The Crossmen or Revolution for membership. There are two other senior corps in Texas but one is in the Dallas area and the other is in Houston so we fit right in the middle for our membership. Anywho, productive meeting that didn’t go on forever!

Everyone at school was feeling the exhaustion as I did but no one seemed to know why they were so exhausted. I think it was because it the last week we had a full week of school, it wasn’t that eventful. Then, we had the ice storm then this past week; which was when grades were due for progress reports and activities cancelled last week were trying to make up time, as well as get done what was planned for this week. It really seem to hit us outta no where.

So, let’s see how this next week goes. We have our first Ensemble Recital night on Thursday (so no Grey’s with the girls this week 😦 ) My mom’s birthday is next Saturday and since the “Ice Storm 2007” happened around my dad’s birthday, we’re going to celebrate both my parents at the same dinner. The rest of today is dedicated to laundry, paying bills, studying my scores for UIL, doing my physical therapy exercises and just chillin’ out. Tomorrow, Allen Vizzutti is playing with the Temple Symphony at Georgetown HS PAC so I’ll be going to see him. Hope your weekend is just what you need!

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  1. Tammy did Encanto with her 4th band last year. I worked the percussion for her last year. I even got to rehearse the band for a full week when she went away to judge.

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