This weekend has been nice. I got a few chores done and got a chance to relax as well. We had our Austin Stars Board of Directors meeting and it was very productive. We got to speak with Evan, who is still in Afghanistan, and that was so great!! Saturday night, I even got a chance to have a nice dinner with an old friend.

This morning, I woke up with a bit of a stiff neck but it really didn’t keep me from doing a few things today. I worked out and cleaned up a bit before I went to the symphony concert. Funny thing about this stiff neck, though – I figured a hot shower after some exercise would help loosen it up but it only made it more stiff. Maybe it was walking out in the cooler room after I was all done that helped stiffen it up. So, I went to the concert then to Whole Foods to get a massage from my mom. OH THANK GOODNESS for my mother!!! Now, I’m laying here on a heating pad, hoping the last of the stiffness goes away.

Some sad news, though. When I drove up to the house, I noticed something in the road in front of my house. I wasn’t sure what it was and I still couldn’t turn my head all the way so I pulled into my driveway and took a look to find a neighborhood cat laying in the road. I thought it belonged to my next door neighbor so I went over and rang on her doorbell. I described the cat and she said it wasn’t hers but she thought it belonged to our across the street neighbors. We walked over and headed to their front door when they pulled into their driveway. They’re Russian so there is a bit of a communication gap but we wanted to break it to them gently. I felt so bad of having to break the news…he kept asking me if I saw who did it but I hadn’t. When I came inside, I made sure to give my kitties some extra love. I wish there was something else I could’ve done for them or that their cat was just injured. If you have pets that hang out in the neighborhood, please be sure they wear a collar and you’re careful about letting them just hang out when you’re not watching.

2 thoughts on “Sunday”

  1. I’ve had that neck stiffness, usually due to stress or too much “coloring”, and it’s a bitch to drive. Thank goodness for Moms. She’s got the magic fingers for sure!

  2. That’s always sad. Years ago I lost a cat I was particularly attached to in much the same way. It was the first time in months the cat had been outdoors that long… I was heartbroken.

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