Tears are such a healing release of emotion. Sometimes, I get so stressed out that all that can help calm me down is a good cry. Other times, I’m so excited about something that I can’t help but cry. Today, there was quite a mix of emotion and so many reasons to cry. Today was Katie’s funeral.

She really was a bright and beatiful young lady. There wasn’t much that was going to get her down for any extended time. She wasn’t afraid to face the issues and she wasn’t just about to sit around pondering how to pitty herself once she figured out some problem she may have been having. She went to work to find an answer to that problem. This is why I absolutely loved Katie Ewing. I see so many people of so many ages sit around finding problem after problem and never doing anything about them. It’s almost as if they want to have the problems. Maybe that’s the way they define life, somewhere in their psyche. Not Katie. When she was diagnosed, she had no problems with going to chemo…unless she was going to miss a game. She made them work around football season – she was a drum major and had those responsibilities to the band. 😉 Once she found out the treatments were not working as well as planned to shrink the cancer, she decided (and without much back and forth about it) that amputation was going to have to be the choice she was going with. She had stuff to do and she had learned that this was going to be the option that would give her more choices in life later. When the post surgical chemo and radiation were done, she was right back in school. We had UIL Concert & Sightreading contest and she had classes to go to.

And this all continues. One thing after another. And she didn’t make these decisions with any haste, either. They were all well educated and thought through decisions she made. All this between the ages of 17-18!

She would be 20 this coming June. It’s amazing what one person can accomplish and how one person can grow in under 20 years of her life. As the minister said, it really is a tribute to her parents and the others that influenced her life.

So, the tears today were sad – because we don’t have Katie in the world with us anymore. And the tears were happy – because we were able to come together as her community and celebrate what a wonderful person she was. We also all knew that all the pain and frustration of years of this disease is now over. There were tears for that as well.

Katie, you’re more special than words can say. It’s obvious how you’ll be missed. Thank you for being in our lives and showing us that there always is a way and it’s easier to find the way than to find an excuse. Love you, mean it!