The Big Trip, pt. 1

Over Spring Break, we took the Wind Ensemble to the Bands of America (now Music for All) National Concert Band Festival. This is not your ordinary, run of the mill band festival. In order to go, you must submit a tape of your ensemble playing concert literature and be selected. It was quite the honor to be selected and then, to perform on the Clowes Hall stage was magnificent. I have SO many pictures from the trip, which consisted of sightseeing in Chicago then the music portion in Indianapolis, that I’ll post the things that would make public sense.

On the plane, waiting to finish boarding and take off:

Arriving at the Chicago O’Hare airport:

It’s quite a neat airport.

“Mom, we got here okay!”:

I’m glad we’re here, too!:

It’s not time to sleep, yet!!

From the airport to The Windy City:

Fred gets goofy and Kristina enjoys the show.

Almost there!!!

Time for instructions from Brian, the boss:

Time for lunch at Ed Debevics. If you’ve never eaten here, be ready for some entertaining, yet talk backative waitstaff. After not having slept in 36 hours, some of the kids weren’t impressed, though.
But we’re excited!!

Other than purposefully annoying waitstaff, Ed Debevics is also known for the World’s Smallest Sundae:

Obviously, before & after!

They teach you all sorts of things there, like how to talk back, how to read the trip rules and how to dance to YMCA (or as the one waitress called it, “Why Are We Here?”)!

After lunch, we loaded back on the bus and headed to the Shed Aquarium.
Living in suburbia, USA, there are lots of things that we take for granted. Like grocery stores and gas stations. Lots of people live in downtown Chicago and granted, they don’t need gas stations like we do, how do they shop for food?? Here’s how:

Did you know there was still sheets of ice on the water on Lake Michigan??

So, that was half of the first day on this trip. Next, the creatures of the Shed Aquarium!

Love you, mean it!

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  1. Man… that girl with the high pitched squeal made me turn my speakers down!!

    Jolly good blog so far… keep it coming!

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