Pop Culture Overload

There is so much crap information in pop culture. Who really cares?? I’ve vowed for the longest time not to blog about any of it but I’m to my limit. Here’s my brain dump:

  • Anna Nicole Smith, Professional Hussy – it’s always sad when someone dies and yes, somehow, she had become famous so her death is going to make the news. But to be top story on CNN?? And for months? C’mon already! I’m so glad they’ve figured out who the kid’s dad is ’cause it’s all about faded away now. Honestly, I was hoping the old dead dude was going to end up being the dad and everyone could laugh in both those gold digger’s faces.
  • Brittany Spears – She got divorced and her ex is battling her for custody of the child. Happens every day. I think the excessive media coverage is what sent her crazy!
  • Neil Patrick Harris – I’m glad he feels that he can come out of the closet already but he’s not the first gay man, or gay celebrity. Let him enjoy being out already! It’s supposed to be a joyous time, not a damn witch hunt.
  • Prince William – He and his girlfriend broke up. Every single woman in her 20s celebrates. Done.
  • Sanjaya – WHO???
  • Alec Baldwin – what dad hasn’t yelled at their kid? Mine did when I pissed him off. I’ve seen others do it too. Yes, the language was WAY too much for an 11 year old but this is what happens when divorced parents refuse to act like adults. Two words to describe Baldwin – Prima Donna. But what else is new?
  • Okay, frustration done.

    On another topic of news coverage, I loved the way the bits of the Today Show I caught covered the Virginia Tech massacres. They interviewed the friends of the fallen and we truely learned what wonderful people they were. It was such a sad week but the wonderful homage they paid to the fallen really celebrated their short but wonderful lives. Even after details of the killer came out, they still seemed to focus more on the victims. My prayers go to the families, both immediate and extended, of the fabulous people the world lost this past week.