Yesterday was yard day. I worked 5 hours in my front and back yard trimming trees and bushes. Fred and the kids came to mow and edge the yard and I showed him my live oak leaves that had spots on them. He said it might be ick so I headed to Home Depot with a chunk of tree and low and behold, it is. I have to rake up all the leaves from the front yard and once it rains (it’s supposed to today), I need to spray my trees with something that’s actually made for roses. Hey, if it works, I’m all good with that. I love being able to work in my yard. It’s very theraputic. WhenI was done, I had filled 6 – 30 gallon recycle bags and my regular trash can with clippings. I’m so excited about how much I was able to accomplish yesterday.

I’ve got some plans for my both my front and back yards for this summer which includes building so I need to go borrow my dad’s power tools for my builds. My dad and I have built lots of things together and he’s always been good about letting me do the work with his supervision so I feel confident about doing some simple projects on my own. Because I love working with my dad (most times) on these types of projects, I’m sure he’ll be showing up at my house on my project days.

Last night, Mon, Naomi and I headed to a white trash party. It was quite interesting and I’ve got a few pics I’ll post at some point later.

Today, I’m sore. I was going to roast a chicken and have some folks over but I’m so tired and sore, I don’t think that’s going to happen. I’m gonna go get a massage from my mom today! You guys know she’s a massage therapist, right? If it’s going to rain today, which it seems like it might wait to just drizzle tomorrow, I was going to work on cleaning up my office. I might just be lazy today and do some laundry, vaccuum a few rooms and be done with it. My arms and abs say that’s what I should do. 😉

I still have more on my Chicago/Indy trip to update. It’s hard to do those updates ’cause my Gallery permissions stopped working correctly after I had that faux-virus thing fixed and finding answers on their forums is a real pain in the butt so I may just have to install a 2nd gallery so I can keep up all the old pictures but still be able to add more pictures as well. The Chicago/Indy trip may be just 2 (maybe 3) more updates and I’ll be done. I need to go eat something now so I’m signing off. Love you, mean it!

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  1. i don’t have a yard, but i bought 2 plants, and i really enjoy taking care of them, cleaning leaves and feeding them.. i call them my ho’s, named them daisy and priscilla, hehe. as for the massage, there is this lady that i go to, omg, a deep sports massage is the bomb! especially after 4+ hours of hard activity!!

    keep on keepin on!

    and you should make some of that roast chicken and mail me a wing! HAHAHA mmm chicken wings are the best!

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