Just a general update.

Maybe I’ll never get around to finish blogging about my trip over Spring Break. We’re getting pretty far removed from it all now….

Well, this week, to be supportive to my friends and for curiosity’s sake, I joined SparkPeople.com. It’s a website that helps you log and monitor your food as well as exercise on a daily basis. I’m not on a diet, really but I lost 13 pounds (in 4 days) when I got really sick at the end of March and while I’m perfectly okay with how I looked before being sick, I figure I might as well work at keeping it off. Also, I bought a glider and have been using it since January so keeping track of all my exercise might help me be more regular about keeping up the habit. The other good habit this website is helping me keep is drinking plenty of water. There’s a nifty little icon to help you log your water intake (by 8 oz glasses) and on Monday, I drank 12 glasses of water. That’s around 3 liters of water!!! Man, did I stay close to the potty that evening. 😉 Since I got sick, being able to drink anything has been like a blessing so I’ve been drinking lots of water anyways. Now, I know how much. 😀

So, this getting sick thing. I know most of my loyal readers (and not so loyal readers) knew about my getting sick but in case you didn’t hear, I had a thyroid gland infection at the end of March. I was out from Friday afternoon through Wednesday and from Saturday-Tuesday, my thyroid got so swollen, drinking a small sip of water became a earth moving experience. It was really bad…BUT, now I’m all better. YAY me.

The school year’s wrapping up and I can’t wait until summer. I have a job being the Jazz Conductor at the Texas State Univeristy Middle School Band Camp the first week of June and Tiger Band Welcome Week the second week. I’d like to travel somewhere this summer but we’ll see if I can work that into my budget. My big thing for this summer will be building furniture and fixing up my backyard. Growing up, my dad and I used to do a lot of wood working projects together and I found that I love using power tools. I’ve got a couple of easy to moderate projects planned and as soon as I get going on them, I’m sure I’ll share with everyone the results.

Ooh, I’m gonna get the iPhone. I found out today that it should release on June 1 but I’m going to wait until July, I think. I made a friend at the Cingular Store in Round Rock a year ago when I bought my Razr and she said she’s going to see what she can do to help me get a good deal. I love being a school district employee…some people still do give discounts to us.

I’m still considering doing video blogs periodically so (John) if you don’t like them, I’m sorry but they won’t happen every blog. First priority is to get my office to a state that I can work in it regularly. It’s become a bit of a storage room for stuff that I don’t need immediately but will need periodically. I need storage in there!

Oh yeah, speaking of John Mackey, the Wind Ensemble is playing his Strange Humors for Spring Concert on May 14. The kids just love the piece and that’s all they want to practice! I wish he’d let me conduct it…one day!

Okay, I think that’s it from this front for now. Hope all is well with you all. Love you, mean it!