The “NEW” Energy Drinks

I stopped at 7-11 one morning to get myself my morning cup of coffee. As I was fixing my cup, I noticed these new bright yellow shot-sized cups by the creme tray. Turns out that they’re selling Energy Coffee. Isn’t caffene enough? They say that it’s powered by ginseng, guarana and yerba mate and the man who was pouring himself a 20 oz cup of the stuff said, “Whatever they put in this stuff sure does work. I’ve never felt so awake after a cup of coffee!” Hmmm…I can’t think to try it. One 8 oz cup of regular coffee in the morning usually does the trick. Especially with how much water I drink during the day. Speaking of caffene, doesn’t that and the other chemicals in coffee almost make the nutrients cancel out? Your everyday, run of the mill coffee is pretty nasty stuff for your body.

Has anybody tried the Diet Coke Plus yet? Again, another normally unhealthy, chemical filled drink “infused” with vitamins (this time, B3, B6, and B12, and the minerals zinc and magnesium) to make it seem healthier. I think Pepsi is going that same route as well.

I can understand vitamin infused water but soda or coffee? I really do think that the chemicals that they use to create sodas and coffee will negate the whole vitamin concept. I’ll stick to plain water and my vitamin suppliments, thank you!

2 thoughts on “The “NEW” Energy Drinks”

  1. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!!!11one

    a coffee with even MORE kick?!?! I have to have it!! Sign me up please!!

    …unless of course, that counters with my special “diet” and “exercise regime.”

  2. I’d heard about the new energized coffee and thought what an excellent idea! I’m the original caffeine junky, so adding a little ginsing and guarana (yerba mate, what’s that?) is just what I need to sustain that high. I’d be super productive!

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