Mother’s Day Pics

We had a wonderful time on Mother’s Day. My family went to Bistro 88 (always a favorite) for dinner and yummy food was had. Here are some pics:

Champagne & The Beatles – a winning combination!

We had some yummy wines with dinner, too. I had Conundrum. It’s a mix of a whole lot, quite sweet and I recommend it more as a dessert wine.

The rest of the table had a 2002 Maclean Cabernet Sauvignon. It has a nice flavor, just too dry for me.

For dinner, my mom & I both had a lovely sea bass that was marinated in soy with ginger and scallions. With it was a very unique (in a good way) risoto and some sauted green beans. I ate it all!

My dad had roast duck, my sister had a yummy salmon dish and Chris (my sister’s boyfriend) had the sea bass but marinated in miso. I tasted all of it and as expected, it was all delicious!! Have I mentioned that I can’t resist a creme brulet?

We were all smiles, too!