Can you believe…

…that it’s been one day since I closed on my house? It’s been a fabulous year here – housewarming party, lots of Grey’s Anatomy Girls nights, dinners with friends, game nights, Thanksgiving, New Year’s…. I can’t believe this year has passed so quickly. And, after a year of paying around $150+ over the mortgage bill each month, I should have, oh, around $1.00 in equity! :lol

I still love my fridge, my backyard plan is coming along nicely and I might even get some new color on the walls by this time next year. Ah, the life of a homeowner! 😀
Love you, mean it,

One thought on “Can you believe…”

  1. awesome c! i dunno how you guys do it… at most i think i want to own an rv some day! hehe take care meow!

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