Another Wal-Mart Protest

Apparently, the group that is protesting a new Wal-Mart replacing the old and nearly abandoned Northcross Mall is planning two things today.

1. They’re doing some hands across Austin thing this morning. (Okay, whatever).
2. They’re going to stage a traffic jam at Northcross Mall this evening to show what traffic would be like if they put a new Wal-Mart there.

This is the protest that cracks me up for several reasons.
1. Northcross Mall used to be a very popular mall. Weren’t there traffic jams back then? I know there weren’t nearly that many people in Austin then but the roads were still the same size and the adjacent buildings were there with just as popular boutiques. I would think the amount of traffic going in or out would be similar if Wal-Mart goes in.
2. If that community really doesn’t want a Wal-Mart there, they shouldn’t shop there once it goes up. Wouldn’t that actually help decrease traffic to that area or at least keep it the same as if it stayed the way it is now?
3. I heard about it on the news this morning and they’re telling people to avoid the area if they want to make any traffic progress this evening. If everyone who really didn’t care if Wal-Mart goes in or not really does avoid the area, is anyone going to care about some staged traffic jam? Isn’t the point now moot? Or, again, if all the extra (non-protesting) cars aren’t there, will there even be a traffic jam?

Whatever. I won’t be down there. I rarely get south of Parmer, much less Hwy 183….

2 thoughts on “Another Wal-Mart Protest”

  1. I believe (maybe it’s just me)that the neighborhood people protesting Walmart just don’t want Walmart shoppers at that location. I don’t think there would be any protesting if another Domain went in there. It’s sad, really, because fat women in house slippers need a place to yell at their children.

  2. *edit:

    “…because fat women in house slippers and tube tops, and short skirts, need a place to yell at their 15 children, and their 5 childrens.”

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