The good champagne

Our Father’s Day celebration was nice. Last Mother’s Day, I announced that instead of going out to eat, I’d like to have everyone over and cook for Father’s Day. At that time, I had no idea what I wanted to cook but knew that we’d be able to really take our time and enjoy ourselves. Also, my mom had a nice bottle of champagne we all wanted to get into so I figured it would be the best time since we’d all be together, but without the restrictions of restaurants and TABC rules about bringing in champagne (or any alcohol) from home. I decided I wanted to grill so I marinated some chicken (don’t ask me for the recipe – I honestly threw stuff together. Thank goodness it was tasty.) and had that with sausage and lots of veggies.

I have always loved champagne. I think my sister and I get that from my mother. After we had the bottle of Chartogne-Taillet, we (of course) were still wanting some more champagne. I have several different bottles of champagne chilled here but most are less expensive brands and they’re just okay in taste. Without a thought, I pulled out a bottle of Veuve Clicquot to share with my family and friends. It’s not the most expensive champagne available but it’s good stuff. In fact, we all enjoyed the Veuve better than the Chartogne.

Granted, Father’s Day is a very special occasion. It calls for the good stuff. But honestly, unless I’m mixing the champagne with something (like Central Market brand blood orange Italian soda), I’m always going to reach for the good stuff when I’m sharing with friends or family. Why when I have more bottles to go around of the less expensive stuff? Because when you’re drinking champagne, it should always feel like a celebration. A celebration always deserves the good champagne.

One thought on “The good champagne”

  1. Plus, if there are any leftovers, it’s like extending the celebration to have a glass with your cheese and crackers out on the patio the next evening.
    I know most of you are saying, LEFTOVERS??? Well, yes, because in my little family, I’m the only one who truly loves champagne. Frank will drink it to be sociable and Sami likes a glass.
    My birthday’s coming up and I am sure looking forward to some champagne drinking!

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