Backyard Project #1

Even though I watch LOTS of home improvement shows, I don’t think I’ve actually seen this episode. I’ve just always a vegetable garden so when I GoodSearched this, the option of a raised vegetable garden came up. What a great idea! It’ll keep the garden neat and easily accessible. So today, I went to Home Depot to price out or even get the lumber. After asking around and talking to a few specialists, I ended up ordering 2 planks of 2X12X8 and 2 planks of 2X12X12 in cedar. $145 for 4 planks of wood! That’s not even the corner posts, hardware, all the dirt or even plants, either. Thank goodness for giftcards! Regardless, I’m excited about getting it done. The wood should be in around June 24th so next week, I’ve got stuff to do. I’m going to build two 4X5 boxes filled with herbs and veggies. I know this isn’t the best planting times but being a band director, summer’s all I have for time.