Another iPhone post

Oh, the anticipation is getting to be too much. I was thinking about waiting about a month or so to get my iPhone but all the talk is getting to me. I might just have to break down and wait in line next Friday for my iPhone. I’ll at least make my way to the Barton Creek Apple Store to see how long the lines are. I’ll make sure to take and post pics of what could be chaos. If it’s anything like the Apple Store at Christmas time, we’re in for a treat.

If you look at my blog list, you’ll notice that iPhone Central has appeared there. MacWorld has set up a blog with Mac, iPod and (will be) iPhone gurus letting us know about new features, etc. You can ask questions or comment on what they blog about. In fact, I’ve already got a few questions that I’ve wondered about out there. We’ll see what comes of that. I’m also excited about this because the iPhone has full web capability so if there’s a new piece of 3rd party web-based software that I’ve learned about and want to try out, I can go straight to the blog and link to the software from there. Neat, huh?

Well, 6 more days. Anybody want to endure the trip for the iPhone with me?

2 thoughts on “Another iPhone post”

  1. I don’t know what to do. I have tickets to an Alison Krauss concert that night at 7:30. If the buying process is fairly speedy, I’ll try to get the phone on Friday before the concert, then rush to the concert. (The concert is probably 15 minutes from an area with both an AT&T store and an Apple store.) I guess I’ll read online what’s happening on the East Coast, just to determine how realistic this is.

    And I’m with you. I was totally going to just order it online, and get it whenever, but watching the 20 minute iPhone infomercial online last night make me a little more anxious.

  2. Ooh, hard to say, John. I’ve heard that some folks (in various cities) are planning to camp out starting Thursday night. That’s a bit much for me. I’m going to head to the mall and be there when the store closes before the launch. Hopefully, that will help put me early in line. If you know what size phone you’re going to get, and you’re in line early enough, it should be quick since you won’t have to activate it there.

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