What, no riot gear?

Okay, I guess you guys are getting sick of my iPhone posts. Yes, this post is about the iPhone but you have to read this short article about the first iPhone shipment into the US from its manufacturing plants in Asia. I can understand hype about the thing but armed guards at a freight location is getting to be a bit much.

4 thoughts on “What, no riot gear?”

  1. Chris says you will have a better chance of getting one if you wait at the Domain, not Barton Creek.

  2. But I want to see what the chaos at Barton Creek will look like. And I don’t want to take any chances of standing in the rain for one.

  3. Also, Chris asked me to remind you to never ever say his name on any msg boards b/c he can get fired.

    I know a girl who is lining up at 8 am on Fri. They are closing the store at 4 and reopening at 6. Good luck!

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