We’re due for an update

Gosh, I wonder if anyone really checks my blog anymore since I rarely update it! I’ve gotten a little addicted to Facebook and spend my “spare time” playing on that. I guess since I have such little spare time and it’s quick and easy to play on/communicate with, I tend to get online there than try to find words to update this blog. It can be exhausting trying to find something to say when you’re already tired, you know? I know you do…. I guess it doesn’t help that many of my friends either have minimized their blogging or have their blogs somewhere I can’t access from work so the motivation to blog from reading the blogs of others might have minimized with that, too. No, no…I’m not saying it’s your fault. I guess in figuring out why my motivation to blog has decreased, I can help myself overcome that and start blogging again. Again, it’s MY motivation we’re talking about here. It’s not you, it’s me. 😉 I will ask that if you read my blog and find anything (hopefully something nice or productive) you can comment, please do. That doesn’t ever hurt for that acknowledgment that someone is actually reading what I write.

As I’ve written a bit before, it’s been quite a crazy semester. Fairly non-stop, actually. And it wasn’t even a 5A Area (and State) Marching Band year. It’s amazing how starting school a few weeks later has put a real strain on the fall semester for everyone at Stony Point. And I’m sure that if it’s happening at Stony Point, it’s happening at any school! Anywho, in the course of a semester, I have had a total of about 3 weekends completely to myself (not having to work) and I’ve spent two of those weekends (including Thanksgiving weekend and this one…which wasn’t a work-free weekend) sick. Yup, it’s official – Benford is EXHAUSTED!!! But, I’ll sleep a lot and I’ll survive. Actually, I already feel quite a bit better today which is a blessing because I have to spend most of today organizing my stuff and packing as my trip to Chicago and the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic is this coming week. I am SO very excited!!!

…and a little freaked out, honestly. Chicago is flippin’ cold in December. I’ve been watching the news lately and keeping my ears open for when they talk about any of the Great Lake states and they’ve come up a lot in the news, especially in the weather and airport reports. I think they’ve shut down O’Hare at least once already because of the snow and ice. *sigh* I really want to go on this trip and not be delayed by icy conditions. So, I’ve added Chicago as one of my weather sites on the iPhone (yes, I’m dropping my ownership of the iPhone again…it can’t be done enough) and I’ve been keeping a watch on that. Luckily, according to the iPhone, Tuesday (when I travel out) is supposed to get up to 31 degrees and partly sunny. A little sigh of relief on that. It seems like it’ll snow on Thursday so I’m excited that I get to hang out in that weather. I’ve gotta get some shoes that I can trudge around in the snow in, I guess (YAY, shoe shopping). I don’t have forcast up to next Sunday yet (and if I did, I couldn’t trust it because it IS weather…which can change oh so quickly anywhere you are) so we’ll keep good thoughts about my flight home, too. The other concern I have with the weather is the all important, “What will I wear?” question. I have quite a variety of options when it comes to clothing. Although I’ve resided here in the great State of Texas for over 20 years, I’ve done my share of traveling to have accumulated clothing for various activities in various climates. Problem is, most of my layering is really designed for under, and since I’ll really be indoors a lot, I guess I’ll just make sure I have a good coat, gloves, scarf and hat and suck it up when I have to travel outside? I do have all those things, and stylish, too so am I okay? I’m guessing there might just be a coat check; I mean this is Chicago – the Windy City – where everyone wears big coats and doesn’t wanna haul them around when not wearing them, right? Someone, anyone, who has been there this time of year give me a hint!!

Okay, moment of non-sequitor – Kathy Griffin: Straight to Hell is HILARIOUS. I could watch this over and over and laugh out loud each time! Oh geez!!

So, here’s my travel schedule:
I get picked up by SuperShuttle on Tuesday morning between 3:40-3:55 AM (yuppers, kids…in the morning). They’ll take me to Austin Bergstrom Airport for my 6:00 am American Airlines, flight 1614 to Chicago O’Hare. Yes ma’am, I got a direct flight. 🙂
I stay in the Hostelling International on Tuesday & Wednesday and go over to the Congress Plaza Hotel on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.
On Sunday, I got a flight home on American Airlines, flight 2491 departing at 9:35 pm, arriving in Austin at 12:20 am on the 24th. I’m most nervous about that flight being delayed or canceled since it’ll be after dark and that’s when snow and ice tend to stick more. I think I’m actually going to get to the airport a few hours earlier to see if I can fly standby on an earlier flight. I probably won’t get one seeing that it’s Christmas eve eve but you never know. It’s just the one me, not me and 18 thousands kids or something. We’ll see. Think good thoughts for me that day, will ya?

Aside from those things, things have actually been a lot of fun this fall. My friend Crystal and I have been hanging out and going out when we can and that has helped keep me from getting too uptight about not having a lot of time for myself. I was also seeing this guy for a while but you know, you can tell me that age is just a number but we must also remember that many guys are less mature than women of the same age so seeing a younger guy is usually fairly risky if you’re looking for a lot of maturity. Nice guy as he is and fun that we had, there wasn’t a meeting of the maturity there and low and behold, we are no longer seeing each other. Let’s hope he’s done sending me MySpace spam…. 🙄

Other than that, football playoffs have been done for a few weeks, basketball has started, the Winter Band Concert is done and I have a different friend staying with me for a while. I’m glad I bought a spacious house. Lots of guests have come and gone through casa de Benford. Keeps life quite interesting. 🙂

Oh yeah, no real Christmas decorations this year. I was sick over Thanksgiving (as mentioned earlier) and being gone this week, I kinda feel the effort would be put to waste. My current roommie did put up a little tree though. It’s cute and keeps some Christmas spirit alive. And I have received some Christmas cards (another thing I didn’t get to do this year) recently so I’ll be sure to display those.

Sorry about the long post with no pictures. If you really wanna see pics, friend me on MySpace and you can see LOTS there! Gotta go be busy now!
Love you, mean it!

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