Obama, Oprah and ME!

You guessed it, we’re all in Chicago! Actually, I don’t think Obama is actually here right now…and Oprah may not be, either. But I am! As are half the band directors from Texas. Gosh, everywhere I turn, I seem to bump into some other band director from Texas who either hasn’t been here in (10, 15, 20) years or like me, never have come to The Midwest. It’s certainly made for things to be interesting, to say the least.

In addition to the State of Texas uprooting for the week, I have also had the pleasure of spending some time with my dear friend Daniel Montoya, Jr. It sure is nice to let him spend a little time with me when I can. 😉 Also here is John Mackey. I think I’m going to try to dispel this thought that I am his stalker. As fun as the initial mention has been, I don’t like the idea of feeling like people might mistake me as dangerous to someone…which is not the case; I’d like to think. 😀 I know, it’s all in good fun but until and someone takes out an eye and that would be all kinds of bad. Eh, if it doesn’t happen, I guess it’s not too big of a deal seeing as John will walk up to talk to me. Just my personal paranoia – I don’t like people thinking I’m not a deep down inside nice person.

I’ve been very fortunate to officially meet Steven Bryant, Verena Möesenbichler and Jim Bonney here. Funny story, I was standing by the BCM booth, talking with Daniel when Jim Bonney comes up and says, “I’m sorry to interrupt but you’re Big Benford, aren’t you???” Oh, that made MY DAY!! I was a little taken aback, actually. More so than when I met Jonathan Newman for the first time and introduced myself as John Mackey’s stalker. He recognized me from my very fun moment on the MontBlog back last Spring. He said he knew me from TV! LOL

I’ve got a day and half left here at The Midwest and I’ve soaked in SO much, I don’t know how much more there could be…but there is! I’ve been so busy trying to get information about graduate schools that I haven’t snapped a picture yet! I really guess I should. I’m about to head back to the Hilton, where all the action is, here momentarily. I’ll be sure to take my camera with me and get plenty of pictures of us hanging out.

Gotta go check into my Facebook. More to come….

(Thank goodness for free WiFi in the Best Western!!)

**Update – I didn’t head back out. My sinuses have just overwhelmed me tonight and I need to stay in and get some sleep. G’night.