Midwest Pictures!!

I made a point to take a few pictures of folks I got to hang with while here at The Midwest. Here are pics of me and:

Jonathan Newman

Jim Bonney

Steven Bryant, winner of the 2007 Reveli Award (Congrats, Steven!!)

Frank Ticheli

Martin Montoya

Amanda & Steve

And of course, John Mackey

I did take a picture with my buddy Daniel Montoya, Jr. but since it was taken by his camera, I have to wait until he posts it before I can post it. I’ve also been interviewed by Jonathan Newman for a podcast he’s going to make available soon so stay tuned for that. Notice that Eric Whitacre was not in attendance? Somehow, we did manage to get his picture in many of mine. Not planned at all…no, seriously!

Guys, it was really nice to meet and chat with you. Good luck with all your compositions and let me know when you write an easier one my band can handle. 😉

I also met lots of collegiate band directors, Jeff Jarvis (who is going to name a jazz piece either Ballad Me or Cathy with a C – LOL), and David Holsinger. Fun, huh?

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  1. I look like a gnome in that picture. Or maybe somebody who has been confined to a wheelchair, and has maybe lost some of his marbles.

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