A Hard Day’s Night

It’s time for a long, hot bubble bath. Yup, it’s been that kinda April. I’m feeling more and more at ease about how things went every day but I have to admit that the stress of this month really got to me. There are several people who helped get me through this month and I don’t know what I would have don’t without y’all. Reading Randy Pausch’s book also kept me inspired to keep going. Every night, I read that dreams will prevail if you find your way through, around or over the brick walls that come your way.

May will be here at the end of this week and we can start the birthday month nice and relaxed (I hope). The party is all planned and I’ve sent out Evites but everyday, I seem to find another person I’ve left off because Evite and their address sync system isn’t very good at all. If you haven’t received an Evite in your inbox in the last few days from me, please let me know. I promise it wasn’t on purpose. 😀