I’ve Just Seen A Face

I recently got my CD/DVD Bundle of the Michigan State University Wind Symphony from this past Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic. It was an amazing concert to see in person and I’m enjoying being able to see it again. The camera work is pretty good, too. I wish I had an option to get watch the conductors but that’s just for my personal education. The only thing that annoys me about watching this video is the camera shows the saxes a lot and they sure are a distracting bunch – constantly moving around while they’re playing! I’m all for feeling the music when you play but when it looks like you’re almost coming up off your seat, it’s a bit much. I wonder if they knew they were being video taped or something….

2 thoughts on “I’ve Just Seen A Face”

  1. Nope, they’re always like that! 🙂 Joe Luloff’s got one of the best sax studios in the nation (in fact, that quartet of saxes won the Fischoff National Chamber competition this past May) and if you get take a look at Joe when he plays, you’ll see his students certainly take after him.

  2. I did see that. There’s a shot of him and the principal sax guy when Joe Lulloff is playing the Concert Suite for Alto Sax & Band and they look like twins.

    I’m all for moving with the music but when you’re almost coming up off your chair, it’s a bit much, especially for my ADD brain! Their performance does make up for it, though.

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