You Never Give Me Your Money

I have to admit, I’m not bad with managing money. Especially when it’s not my own. Today, it gave me such a headache, I was nauseated because of it! I had to close down the activity accounts for the band from last year. We have 3 accounts and they all closed with the school bookkeeper okay but closing out the year on the online database we subscribe to is another story. It’s just not quite set up yet to work in the way I need it to but thank goodness it’s a small company that listens to its customers because it seems like next year, these headaches won’t be there. Too bad it’s not already upgraded. Oh well, what can ya do? I’m sure by the time I’m ready to head out to grad school, they’ll have it working so it lines up with our systems. Sounds like many of my relationships with men – by the time I’m through with them, they’re all ready to go for an adult relationship with someone else! There’s a few that may never be ready for that – but that’s a whole other blog!! LOL