2 thoughts on “Don’t Let Me Down”

  1. well… after watching, I’m a little disappointed about the fact that I still don’t have my (legal) Verizon iPhone. 😉

    But at least they dropped the price, and in the end I might still go ahead and buy one but it might be longer than expected.

    Some cool stuff with the games and apps… I look forward to seeing what I can get on my Touch. No real surprises I guess… but it was great to hear all the nerdy/techy talk! 🙂 I like the new MobileMe thing they have goin’ on! but don’t have the money for something like that right now.

    Great stuff though… I can’t wait until Christmas!

  2. random – for the fun of it, I customized a Mac Pro on the Apple site and maxed it out with the best of everything…. (who needs 32GB RAM?? holy crap!!)

    So yeah, after taxes = $27,598 and some change! Thank goodness the shipping was free!! God know that the extra $50+ shipping woulda broken the bank for sure. 😛

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