Sour Milk Sea

I religiously watch Top Chef. I record each episode and watch it later ’cause I rarely catch it live. I always make a point to watch the “Next time, on Top Chef” bit at the end so I can put myself in suspense for the next week. This week, right before the credits, as they were doing the exit interview with the eliminated contestant (no spoilers here, folks), I noticed a disclaimer I’ve seen before but not consistently. It says:

Winning and elimination decisions were made by the Judges in consultation with producers. Some elimination decisions were discussed with Bravo.

Hmmm…the person who was left at Judges Table (not eliminated) was NOT a fan fave at all. In fact, the text/web poll they did during the episode said that this person should pack their knives and go by like 97%. Makes you wonder if that was done somewhat to create more tension in the upcoming episode because the other two left don’t much care for the third, either.

*Note: if you comment on this post, please do not spoil the ending of this episode. Thanks.*