Act Naturally

I can’t remember if I’ve blogged about this before but it’s official – I’m presenting at Texas Bandmasters Association Convention in a few weeks. I’m really quite nervous because I’ve never presented at a large conference like this before AND my partner in technology crime isn’t going to be there after all. I’m in it all by myself! Scary….

I’ve gotten a pretty good outline down and lots of info from my buddy who was going to co-present with me so I know it’ll go okay but I’m mostly afraid of the technological questions that may hit me. But if they really need to know tech specs, I can always refer them to the websites of the manufacturers, right?

I haven’t decided whether friendly faces will be something that will help or make me nervous yet but I’m guessing that familiar faces can’t easily be avoided so I’ll just deal with whomever shows up. It’s on the afternoon of the very first day of the convention so I’m not expecting a very large crowd or anything. I’m also not happy that I’m missing a huge chunk of the All State Jazz Music Clinic. I’ve gotta get someone to video tape that….

Okay, that’s it for today. Have a happy, safe and relaxing 4th of July! I’m goin’ to the lake!!!
Love you, mean it!!