Thank You Girl

Each week, on Tuesdays, iTunes likes to promote new artists or albums by offering a free song of the week. Most times, it’s not very good but last week, their song was by Karina (Pasian, not to be confused with the South American singer Karina) called “Just Can’t Find the Words”. It’s not really the lyrics that catch me but the upbeat tempo and the fun melody of the tune. Good for both a work out and to just kick back to. Unfortunately, it’s not free on iTunes anymore but still available for just 99 cents.

woo woo
woo woo
woo woo
woo woo

Now we’ve been talking for a while;
And you got me tryin to figure out
boy i don’t know what to say to you
but you got me feelin some kind of way for you

and all i know is when we’re together
no one can make me feel the way you do baby
i wish each moment can last forever
its hard to explain the way i feel for you
(i just can’t find the words)
you got me loosing myself
in what i’m trying to say
and its so hard to fight it
cant help but feelin this way
and every time that i’m near you its like my heart gets weak.
feels like im loosing my breath makin it hard to speak.

i just can’t find the words
woo woo
just can’t find the words
woo woo
i just cant find the words
woo woo
i just can’t find the words

I know what it is that I like about this song – it’s simplicity. Every chord is laid out in it’s arpeggios and it just makes the song sound so simple and, and…quaint!