The Last Lecture

Randy Pausch died today. He was the professor from Carnegie Mellon that was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and talked to the students there about his life and childhood dreams. From the first time I saw a snippet of his Last Lecture on Oprah, I was moved and inspired.

I watched his entire lecture online and read many articles about him. When his book came out in April, I bought it and read it cover to cover. He truly lived his childhood dreams (except playing in the NFL) and he enjoyed every minute of his life. I know I’m doing the right things in my life because although I have frustrating moments, I am living my dreams and following my passions. Thank you, Randy, for helping me remember that.

One thought on “The Last Lecture”

  1. I ordered his book last Spring and then it sat in the box until last week when Randy P. died. I started reading and am loving that so much of it follows the Last Lecture.
    makes me happy.

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