A lot has been going on!

I’m not sure that I can remember what all has been going on since my last post but here’s the low down:

  • I’ve restored probably 90% of my iTunes. Thanks to Apple for their complete support in retrieving the things I’d bought and didn’t get to back up. Let me remind you – BACK IT UP REGULARLY, folks!
  • Presentation – DONE. And very successful, too. Just under 80 people came and stayed (that can be a huge sign of success at these things) for my presentation that happened on the first day, first session. I’m still very much on cloud 9 about what a positive response I got over it.
  • We’ve had another successful leadership camp with the kids and I think that by far, this is the best leadership group we’ve had yet. We’re all on the same page about what will help achieve our goals as a band.
  • We’re in week 2 and we’re learning drill. This drill is going to be amazing. There was a little set back on getting drill (at all) but I’m not going to get into that. It’s done, behind us and there’s no need to dwell.
  • IAJE finally declared bankruptcy so we’re able to put forth the plans to dissolve IAJE-Texas and create Texas Jazz Educators. I spent 1/2 my day today at the TMEA office and I’m proud to say that TMEA proudly hosts the website for TJEA. The support we’re receiving from both them and TBA is phenomenal. Truly professionals!!
  • Amongst all the band stuff, I’m still able to make time for some social activities as well as relaxing activities. The gardening has gotten a little neglected in the last week and a half but the lake calls when I can get there. Thanks to Keith 🙂 for being flexible with when we go!
  • That’s the low down. I teach high school therefor there is always high school drama but why go into it? We have enough reality TV….

    OH, I didn’t think I would get into watching the Olympics and I haven’t completely bought the shoes and drank the Kool-Aid yet but swimming and men’s gymnastics has completely captivated me – regardless of nationality. What amazing athletes!

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