Does anyone else see this?

Okay, we just started school today and it was a C-RA-ZY day but besides that, there are some politics I keep hearing about.

I certainly don’t know much about politics and I’m at the point that I (again) couldn’t care less about it BUT I can’t avoid seeing an odd parallel and I want to make sure that I’m not the only one who sees this. Barak Hussein Obama has picked a running mate in Joe Biden. We’re about to see posters and bumper stickers that say:


I’m almost thinking it looks/sounds too close to:

Osama bin Laden

for my comfort. Anyone else? Interesting, if anything, huh?

2 thoughts on “Does anyone else see this?”

  1. hahaha

    I pointed the same thing out to my friend the day he announced.

    It’s a grand conspiracy by Al Queda!!

    Too bad all it’s gonna do is lead us to 4 more years of…

  2. One of the national newscasters the other night stumbled and said “O-Biden”, which I thought was hilarious. Could he have picked a more obnoxious running mate? I don’t think so.

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