The September Update

Well, the first contest is this Saturday. Where has the time flown? Thank goodness for good music, good drill and great kids! I have to admit that they’re reaching that end of September lull that tends to hit the Tiger Band. But I think this year, they’re more aware of it happening so they’re fighting it as much as we are. Let’s hope they all pass their classes in a few weeks so they can keep on keepin’ on!

I am so extremely busy, it’s actually funny. Except, I don’t have a whole lot of time to think about the humor of it so I don’t get to laugh about it too much. Thank goodness for goofy kids and good friends to keep me smiling and laughing!

Grey’s Anatomy comes back on tonight. I’m really excited. I’m sad that Stacy has to work but happy that Monica is back in the country. Girl’s night feels so much more complete when we’re all there and Grey’s is on. LOL

Things with Keith are going really well. I’m always at ease now that he’s around. It’s a nice feeling – FINALLY!!! Hanging out with him and his roommate Jeff is always so laid back and relaxed. Just what I need this time of year. And it doesn’t bother him that we have to squeeze in and find/make time to spend together because my job is so crazy right now. We just go with the flow. Again…FINALLY!!

A few small personal projects on the horizon I have to take care of –

  • Find out flight info for Midwest. I have the hotel reservation, though.
  • Figure out plans for Spring Break and see if I can truly commit to going to NCBF as the host of the Honor Jazz Ensemble or not.
  • Dangit, there was another one but in the process of typing the last one, I forgot. Par for the course right now. It’ll come to me later.
  • I’m excited for our upcoming trip to Hawaii next summer. I really need to get my regulator serviced and get in a dive or two before June. But that wasn’t what I was thinking about for my list above. I’ve sung Joe McDermott’s song “Come to Hawaii” for the past 2 weeks. It’s a cute little ditty that keeps me smiling as well. Anything helps, lemme tell ya!

    I know many of my blog buddies have been crazy busy as well. Send good thoughts to the Montoya Brothers as one finishes his last year on his masters and the other starts his first year as a Head Band Director. Good gravy!!

    Oh, have I mentioned I’m hooked on the FailBlog? So many funny things in this world! And you can’t make this stuff up!!

    Okay, I’m off to watch Grey’s. Have a great rest of the weekend!