Well, the Stony Point Tigers won another play-off game. What does that mean? 6 more weeks of winter! No, wait…at least another week of football. I’m a little torn ’cause I’m ready for a break from high school football. BUT, now that we’re this far (next week’s game is the State Quarter Finals, I think), let’s just finish off the State and go all the way, huh? Go Tigers.

On to college football and the BCS. The new polls and calculations have been posted and living in Austin, all I’m hearing is “blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah; Go Mizzu Tigers!!”. Okay, I can understand that with UT having beaten OU 45-35, OU shouldn’t be ahead of UT in the standings. But they let coaches vote without any weight to their votes as part of this stupid algorithm. I’m sorry, if you’re going to let a bad coach with a grudge (*ahem* A&M, who said before Thanksgiving that he was giving his vote to OU) vote in the poll, it shouldn’t have the same merit as a good coach with no political or historical grudges. Besides, who in the hell decided math and football should be combined anyways???

Professional football – why does some football player think he needs a gun? Or better yet – why is anyone going to a club where you might need a gun? Dumb.

Okay, there are my thoughts on a sport I really don’t care for. Hope you had a fun weekend, too! LOL