Thanksgiving weekend

It was a very nice weekend. I got quite a few things done while staying relaxed – optimum way to spend the long weekend. 🙂

Our Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful. It was basically the four of us (mom, dad, me and my sister Trish) but Trish’s friend Katie joined us for dinner and my friend Ken and his mom & sister joined us for dessert. Lots of food, a bit of wine and lots of love. Perfect day. Trish & Chris’s dogs enjoyed themselves as well.

I posted about the game on Saturday. I’m proud of the Tigers. Our next game is Saturday, December 6 at 2 pm at Floyd Casey Stadium (Baylor). We play Dallas Skyline in the State Quarterfinals…who knows how it will turn out but all I can say is Go Tigers!

Sunday, Keith helped me put up Christmas decorations around my house. Okay, so he helped bring stuff in from the garage, put the tree together and put mini trees outside. That was enough. 🙂 I feel just festive enough. I don’t plan on letting my house puke Christmas. 😉

Now, I’m just waiting on information on the New Year’s Party. We’re going to gather at Annie’s West on West 6th. My friend Ben owns the joint and it’s really a nice, relaxed place. We’re expecting good food, good music and a relaxing (but high class) celebration. Just waiting on Ben to send the details…. (We’ll have room for between 15-20 (maybe more) so if you’d like to join us, let me know and I’ll send you details.)