A Few Reviews

I’ve seen quite a few movies in the last few months. Here are a few reviews:

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I Am Legend
I watched this on an HBO channel so no commercials and I really enjoyed this movie. I do have to admit that the whole “zombie” thing kinda creeped me out and there were a few sad scenes but for a movie with so few characters, it really kept me intrigued. I do have to say that after watching this movie tonight, every noise I hear outside after it’s gotten dark are making me jump just a bit. 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Oh WOW!! What a thrilling movie. I’m not going to give away anymore of the plot than what you see in commercials…Liam Neeson plays a retired government spy whose daughter goes to Paris for a sightseeing trip with friends and gets abducted while on the phone with him. As any ex-spy father would do, he goes into action to rescue his little girl. It wasn’t a scary movie, per say, but very intense. You don’t even realize how long it takes to establish the story or characters. Very well made. I plan on buying it when it goes to DVD. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Gran Torino
First thing, I had no idea that a Gran Torino was a car. I’m such a girl! LOL. Clint Eastwood is still an awesome actor. I can’t believe he’s 79 years old!! This movie is also an intense movie but in a very different way. His character’s a Korean War veteran that is quite prejudice. He watches his neighborhood change culturally with Hmong families and their respective gangs moving in. Despite his historical prejudices, he befriends his neighbors and helps Thao (the very quiet boy) come into his own and not walk down the wrong path, as his cousins have. Eastwood’s character (Walt Kowalski) is a stereo typical crotchety old man that you can’t help but find endearing as you get to know him better through the movie. The movie is paced well and the character development is integrated well into the story so you’re never really bored. We enjoyed the movie quite a bit and I plan on adding it to my movie collection when it becomes available. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Britney Spears – Circus
I have only had one listen to the full CD so I’m not IN LOVE with it but it’s pretty good. There isn’t a track on the CD that I’ve skipped so that says a lot. If you’re one to try the new Britney, take a good listen to Track 6 – If U Seek Amy. She does a very good job enunciating every consonant sound in the title phrase and it sounds…well…provocative, to say the least. The jury is still out so I’ll rate it 3 out of 5 stars.

So, those are my reviews. Have a great next week. 🙂
Love you, mean it!