I Done Done It

Mandy Lauderdale Grass & Top HatMy friend Mandy Lauderdale has a new CD out and it’s a lot of fun! She’s a lounge singer and she really covers that “genre” well. The first time I listened to “I Done Done It” (the name of her CD), I had it on in the background as I was tooling around the house and several times, it caught me by surprise in that she doesn’t stick to just one style of singing. Her songs range from swing & shuffle jazz to country to rock-a-billy-ish to even beach (a la Jimmy Buffet). She has a show tonight (3/19) at The Belmont but thanks to the advent of technology and the marketing of SXSW, anyone can see this seductress on “The Internet”! Either way, it’s a free show. 🙂 Show starts at 10pm Central time – check it out. Here are the links to seeing her show online:

Via her website – look below “the curtains”
Via MySpace
To purchase her CD.

If you miss either showing, you’ll be able to see her sing with my jazz ensemble in May…I just have to work out the details (including what song she’s gonna sing) first.