Memorial Weekend Fun

I had so much fun this weekend. First, we started with a gathering at my house for my birthday. We grilled chicken, sausage and veggies, there was a delicious pineapple cake (I love pineapples – thanks Thura) and lots of munchies (thanks to everyone). It was yet again, another great birthday celebration.

On Saturday, I slept in then cleaned up the house a bit, I headed down to Buda to see my friend Jeff C and have some dinner. His house/property is beautiful. Lots of Buda there – it’s nice to see the old things restored then enjoyed like that. We sat, chatted and caught up for hours. Good food, wine and conversation. An ideal Saturday evening, actually. Even the drive to and through Buda was nice. Thanks, Jeff!

On Sunday, I made a pasta salad that I hadn’t made in years but it’s a great summer recipe (see end for ingredients) and headed to Kerey & Jeff M’s house for a Memorial Day BBQ. Again, lots of great food, conversation and drinks to make this lady a happy one.

Today, I finally got up and headed to the gym. It’s been about a week and a half since I’d been but it was good rest for my body. Did some leg work and swam, then headed home to clean up. Jeff C and I went out to the Bob Bullock Texas History Museum then to the Austin Wine Festival. He’d never been to the museum so it was neat and watch him learn all over again. Jeff and I went to high school together so learning together is something we do well, I guess! 🙂 I hadn’t been there in a few years (with the exception of seeing Star Trek the other day – review for another blog entry) so it was nice to see some of the changes to the exhibits. I do enjoy a day at a museum…too bad the Blanton wasn’t open. The Austin Wine Festival was nice as well and we found a few wineries that we enjoyed. One told me that you could taste the granite in their wine so I passed. Nothing like paying to lick a rock! YUCK!

A fun filled weekend with great friends. I can’t wait for the summer to have time for more days like this! Sorry there aren’t any pictures – I haven’t been as much in the picture taking mood lately. Hopefully, that’ll change.

——————————-Pasta Salad Recipe——————————-center>

This is a recipe that is made with approximates, which is why I don’t include any amounts. All the veggies are sliced thin (I used a mandolin) except the peppers which I diced.

16 oz Garden Rotini pasta, cooked and chilled.
Yellow squash
Kosher pickles
Red bell pepper
Gold or yellow bell pepper
Ham – cut to bite sized pieces
Turkey Breast – cut to bite sized pieces
Zesty Italian dressing (it really does need to be the “zesty” one)

After your pasta is chilled and everything is chopped or sliced up, combine. Best to let sit for several hours before serving. If I use 1 of each veggie and all the pasta, this recipe can actually yield 2 large salad bowls full. Enjoy!